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What we do

The Westpac Air Ambulance is a nationally recognised, accredited provider of Level 1 and 2 aero-medical transport services, bedside-to-bedside, throughout New Zealand. Equipped with the latest available medical equipment, our highly experienced medical crew can accommodate one or two stretcher patients, non-stop, to any location in New Zealand.

Air Ambulance

Crewed by a team of emergency doctors, advanced paramedics and flight nurses, these flights form part of the region’s emergency response network, designed to get medical care to trauma victims swiftly.

Intensive Care Transfers

Level 1 medical transfer

Crewed by an intensive care doctor and flight nurse, these flights typically transport highly acute adult patients to hospitals specialising in more definative care, New Zealand-wide.

New Born Intensive Care Transfers

Level 1 medical transfer

Equipped with the latest incubator technology and crewed by a paediatric doctor and paediatric flight nurse, these flights transport highly acute infants to hospitals specialising in more definitive care, New Zealand-wide.

Delivery Suite Transfers

Level 1 medical transfer

Crewed by a specialist midwife and flight nurse these flights transport women in premature labour, those experiencing labour complications, or when foetal complications exist.

Nurse Led Transfers

Level 2 medical transfer

Crewed by our own full time flight nurses, these flights transport medium acuity patients requiring specialist treatment services to and from tertiary hospitals New Zealand-wide.

Bariatric Patient Transfer

Our most recently acquired aircraft is fitted with a large cargo-type door and equipped with a purpose built composite, electrically operated stretcher system, allowing for the loading and unloading of patients up-to 300kg without manual lifting.


Aero-Medical Service


Patients Transported


New Zealand-Wide Coverage

25+ Years

Length Of Operation

Patient stories

The opportunity to meet our recovered and recovering patients is truly rewarding. Established in the late 1980s our team have flown numerous patients in need of medical transport and search and rescue throughout the Pacific.
Here are some of their unique stories.

Our team

The Westpac Air Ambulance employs a team of experienced, dedicated professionals. The pilots and medical team strive to ensure a safe, quality experience for all involved.

Philips Search & Rescue Trust

Founded in 1985, Philips Search and Rescue Trust was formed to deliver a critical community service, providing air health and rescue services to the public.

Philips Search & Rescue Trust is the charity responsible for fundraising and promotion of the North Island’s Westpac Air Ambulance.

Powered by a professional crew of captains, first officers, flight nurse, intensive care paramedics and doctors, Philips Search and Rescue Trust aims to provide the highest standard of air ambulance services. We believe that through building enduring relationships with the communities we operate within, we can save lives.

In addition to the Westpac Air Ambulance, the Trust operates four rescue helicopter bases throughout the central North Island including:

  • Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter – Waikato, Thames/Coromandel, and the King Country
  • TECT Rescue Helicopter – Coastal Bay of Plenty
  • Greenlea Rescue Helicopter – Central Plateau and Lakes region 
  • Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter – Manawatu and Whanganui regions

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